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We are building a diverse talent pipeline of future leaders to drive a more inclusive workplace.

We focus on helping persons from underserved backgrounds to become corporate leaders, professional sellers, and innovative entrepreneurs.  

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Northern Lights

Our Purpose:

We pave the way for racial and ethnic entry into traditionally overrepresented high, paying industries for UnderRepresented professionals.

Our ecosystem of partners is dedicated to accelerating the necessary experience required to create a more significant diverse pipeline of talent that mirror consumers.


Our Mission:

To impact a billion people in the next decade to never again allow hiring managers or employers to use the excuse  "There is no diversity because of the lack of experience needed to be successful" or "the talent doesn't exist in our industry"

Our Commitment:

Job Seekers: We are breaking the barriers to access into overrepresented industries for traditionally disadvantaged communities with our ecosystem of partners to provide a realistic job experience 


Employers: Solving your racial and ethnic representation opportunity with a pipeline of  top underrepresented talent 

Northern Lights

Find the right career for you, through an immersive ecosystem

We have a growing ecosystem of companies that have pledged to give underrepresented talent a real job experience, which allows underrepresented talent to break down the barrier of entry to predominantly overrepresented industries.


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